TAB Diagnostic, Inc. is a non-invasive diabetes testing and monitoring company developing the first portable saliva-based diagnostic test focusing on early and accurate detection. This platform would enhance early detection of diabetes and close the diagnosis shortfall of relying on the A1c test alone. Our platform is more convenient and affordable than the Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT), the most sensitive yet costly test for detecting diabetes. 8.7 million adults in the USA are estimated to have undiagnosed diabetes – that’s 23% of all adults with diabetes. Prediabetes is a chance to prevent type 2 diabetes, and 80% of the approximately 98 million adults living with pre-diabetes don’t know they have it. Minorities have additional risks using A1c alone for detection with its known shortcomings that can result in delayed or missed diagnosis. TAB Dx's portable saliva test is a simple, accurate, pathogenically relevant, easy-to-use diagnostic test that could efficiently screen in almost any setting, removing the time and cost barrier in diabetes diagnosis and screening tests.

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